Car detailing: Signs that you had a bad tint job

Regarding car detailing, one of the most popular choices is window tinting. However, not all tint jobs are created equally. You may have a bad tint job if you notice issues such as peeling edges, bubbles, and air pockets with your window tint. In this article, we’ll discuss the signs of a bad tint job and how to avoid this issue.

What does a bad tint job look like?

A bad tint job can be quite apparent with some telltale signs:

Bubbles and air pockets

One of the most common indicators of a bad window tint job is the presence of bubbles or air pockets between the tint film and the window. These bubbles can form due to improper application, dust, or dirt trapped under the film. Over time, these bubbles can expand and cause the tint to peel off.

Peeling edges

If the edges of your tint are peeling or lifting away from the window, it’s a clear sign of poor installation. This can happen if the film is not cut to the correct size or the adhesive is improperly applied. Peeling edges not only look unsightly but also reduce the effectiveness of the tint.

Uneven tinting

A high-quality tint job should have a uniform appearance with no visible streaks or patches. If you notice areas where the tint is darker or lighter, it indicates uneven application. This can result from using low-quality tint film or improper installation techniques.

Purple tint

A common issue with cheap or low-quality tint films is that they can turn purple over time. This discoloration is due to the breakdown of the dye used in the film. A good quality tint, such as the ones used by Cloud 9 Tint Studio and Auto Spa, will maintain its color and clarity for years.


Hazy or blurry appearance

If your windows appear hazy or blurry after tinting, it could be due to contamination during installation. Dust, dirt, or moisture trapped under the film can cause this issue, significantly affecting your visibility and driving safety.

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A bad tint job can be apparent with bubbles or peeling edges

How to know if you got a bad tint job

Recognizing a bad tint job is crucial to ensuring the longevity and functionality of your car’s windows.

Inspect in natural light

The best way to inspect your tint is in natural daylight. Look for any bubbles, streaks, or discoloration. A good tint job should look smooth and even across the entire surface.

Run your fingers along the edges

Gently run your fingers along the edges of the tinted windows. You should not feel any roughness or see any peeling. The edges should be smooth and adhere firmly to the glass.

Look for clarity

A high-quality tint should provide clear visibility without any distortion. If your windows appear hazy or blurry, it’s a sign that the tint film was not correctly installed.

Check for consistency

Ensure that the tint is consistent in color and shade across all windows. Any variation in shade indicates poor application or low-quality film.

Compare with bad tint job pictures

It can be helpful to compare your tinted windows with images of bad-tinted jobs available online. This can give you a visual reference to identify any issues with your tinting.

Tips to improve bad tint job

A bad tint job can be frustrating, but there are several steps you can take to improve it.

Smooth out bubbles

For air bubbles, use a heat gun or hairdryer on a low setting to gently heat the film. Then, use a plastic squeegee or a credit card wrapped in a soft cloth to push the bubbles toward the edges. You can use a fine needle to make a tiny hole and press out the air with a squeegee for smaller bubbles.


Fix edges

If the edges of the tint are peeling, lift the tint carefully and reapply a small amount of tint adhesive or soapy water solution. Smooth it out with a squeegee to ensure it adheres properly. For a clean finish, use a sharp razor blade to trim any excess film around the edges.

Correct creases

To fix creases, apply gentle heat to the creased area to soften the film. Then, use a squeegee to smooth out the crease, working from the center outwards. If the crease is severe, you may need to remove the affected section of the tint and reapply a new piece to ensure a smooth finish.

Consider professional help

If the issues are extensive or you are unsure about fixing them, consulting a professional tint installer might be worthwhile. Professionals have the experience and tools to correct mistakes and ensure a high-quality finish, which might save you time and effort in the long run.

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There are several tips to improve bad tint job

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